Business for sale. Please Contact Us

Business for sale. Please Contact Us

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Business for sale. Please Contact Us

Capricorn Caravan Hire

Call Now: 0428 240 182

Terms & Conditions

Hire Limitations

Minimum Hire Period



No refunds given for early terminations of a Hire Agreement


One-Way Hire

Terms of Payment

Personal Items





Loading and Vehicle Compatibility


Restricted Areas



Owners Right to Change Booking

Indemnity and Loss

The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified CAPRICORN CARAVAN HIRE from and against all claims, loss, damages and expenses whatsoever, incurred directly or indirectly by reason of any breach of this Agreement, negligence, malicious or tortious act or other wrongdoing by the Hirer or a person occupying using or operating the caravan and without limiting the foregoing, the Hirer shall indemnify CAPRICORN CARAVAN HIRE for:

  1. All damage to or loss of the caravan howsoever arising to the extent to which the same is not recoverable under any policy or insurance or on account of any act or omission or breach of this agreement by the hirer or any act or omission of a person operating using or occupying the caravan except to the extent caused or contributed by the owner.
  2. Injury to or death of any person and damage to any property and all claims, damages, losses and expenses howsoever arising from or incidental to the possession, use, operation or towing of the caravan except to the extent caused or contributed by the owner;



Please allow 1.5 hours to complete a thorough caravan demonstration, paperwork and Bond collection before you are on your way.

The Caravan must be returned in the same condition it was received, clean and tidy, internally and externally.

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